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Info | Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your turnaround time?
    We turnaround most jobs within 3-7 working days, depending on our workload and the volume of your order.

  2. How are images delivered?
    We email you a link, so you and your team can download the images.
    If you wish, we can send you the images on a CD-R, via NZ Post. CD creation & postage will apply to your invoice.

  3. How are products returned?
    We prefer that you arrange to pick up the products.
    Or, we can return your products via Courier, additional charges will apply to your invoice.

  4. What about the right to use the photo?
    You have the full right to use the images once you paid for them. You can use whenever and as much as you want.

  5. What is the background option?
    We shoot most of our products on white or natural grey background. If you need something photographed on a different type or colour background please contact us to discuss your project.

    If you require a seamless white background (background removal / clear-cut / clipping path / cut-out), our post production artist can provide Expert Digital Retouch, see Additional Service on our Pricing page.

  6. What kind of products can you photograph?
    We are specialist in tabletop product photography. However we do make product photography of Furniture & Clothes. Please contact us if you are unsure about this.

  7. What file formats do you provide?
    We provide JPEG for web images, and JPEG for high resolution images as default, but we can also provide PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS & TIFF if you request so in your order. We shoot original images in RAW format for image quality.

  8. Delivery
    Once you have approved the images. We will then have the final images, both high and low resolution, available for instant download from our server. Sending you a link, so you and your team can download the images.
    We can also post a CD to you, upon your request. CD creation and postage will apply to your invoice.

  9. What resolution will my photos be?
    Our default low resolution image (web image) are 800 x 600 pixel. And hi-resolution images is about A4 size in 300 dpi.

  10. Extra stuff & Photoshop effects?
    Reflections and more advanced retouching can be done upon request. Contact us about any special requirements that you might have.

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